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Colorado Metalsmithing Association

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Call for Entries!

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Subliminal to Sublime
A CoMA Sponsored Juried Exhibition
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March 2 - April 30, 2020
Subliminal to Sublime


The purpose of this exhibition is to honor this place that we call home and highlight the impact that the Colorado landscape has upon metalsmiths and jewelry artists. This call is a request for jewelry and small objects that capture the Colorado artist’s perceptions of their surroundings. As inhabitants of such a majestic land there is much opportunity to be inspired; whether it is the straightforward sensation of the sublime caused by an overtly physically dominating force or the subliminal impact of subtle environmental factors. Landscape is often sourced as a muse for metalsmiths but works chosen for this exhibition will transcend the traditional mountain vista or the iconographic symbols that are commonly associated with Colorado. The range of content and inspiration is open and not limited to: historical, hidden, ephemeral, geological, spiritual, environmental, narrative, scientific, emotional, or physical. Artists are encouraged to submit work that draws from their personal observations and experiences in Colorado to create a series of original artwork.  

Email Melissa at exhibitions@coloradometalsmiths.org for more information about this exhibition or if you would like to work with us on an exhibition.