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Member Image Submission

CoMA often has opportunities to promote events and exhibits. We'd love  to promote members' work at the same time! If you are a current member and interested in having your images considered for promotional and advertising purposes, please submit them below. If you are not a current member - join now!

This is also the form you should use to submit your images for the Scholarship Application. Please note that your submitted images may be used to promote the scholarship program. Thank you!

Images must meet the following requirements:

  • professional quality

  • depict work completed in the last 3 years

  • be in a .jpg file format

  • each file must not exceed 2MB

  • File name must be in the following format: Lastname_Firstname_Title.jpg 

  • Do not use special characters, spaces, or commas in the file name


In addition, non-scholarship submissions must:

  • depict work which has been shown at a past CoMA exhibit/competition 

  • depict work which you intend to submit for am upcoming CoMA exhibit or competition


Any images that do not meet the above requirements will not be considered. Your file name contains all the information that we will use when attributing your image.

If you have any questions or trouble uploading files, please email

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