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Member Spotlight #5: Ashley Jay

Tell us about yourself

I’m Ashley Jay and I am a Jewelry Artist and Metalsmith. I got my BFA in Metalsmithing from University of North Texas in 2013, where I took every metals class they offered. I was an Apprentice to Harlan Butt, Bench Jeweler at Jared the Galleria of Jewelry, Studio Assistant to Nancy Worden, and now I work as a Contract Metalsmith while developing my own jewelry business.

Where can we see your work?

I am working on my marketing strategy and gearing up to get my work into shops. Currently, I am working on my new resin line and I am excited to finish up my Festivus Ornaments for the Balefire Goods competition! You can see my old work and some new work on my website and current work on Instagram. I’m also on Facebook.

What brought you to metalsmithing and how long have you been doing it? 

I have been making jewelry since I was a child.
I still have the first necklace I made when I was around 8. It’s purple and has a glass fish bead as the focal point. All of my life I would make myself necklaces or items of jewelry for special occasions. For example, when I went on my second trip to Japan, I made myself a special necklace to wear. I still have it and love it dearly. I learned about the profession of metalsmithing in 2009 and decided to go to school for it in 2010. I have been working with metal since.

Why are you a member of CoMA? 

I am a pretty new member to CoMA, I am going on
3 years. I haven’t been able to attend the summer conference yet but that is one of the main reasons I joined and to be a part of a metals society. It is good to be among like-minded individuals so we can enjoy each other’s company and learn and grow, or just commiserate together.

From the Darkness Comes the Light - Sterling Silver, Copper, Resin, Glitter, Patina, Faceted Glass, 2020

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