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CoMA's Conference Auction
AUCTION RUNS FROM 10am-5pm Saturday, JULY 20, 2024

It's that time of year again when CoMA would like your donated jewelry/tools/gems/books/etc. for the Conference auction.  This auction is one of the reasons that this and future Conferences are still affordable!  Your cast away or unwanted items are solid gold to the organization and YOU get the tax write off!  It's a win-win!  Anyone can donate to our Auction. You do not have to be a member. We invite all our non-member supporters who value our organization and perhaps participate in our Facebook Groups to donate. We would truly appreciate it!

Please include your completed Auction form (download below)

when you drop off your item in person at the conference

 on July 19th. Extra forms will be available on site.


The form has information for folks who want to donate items

but will not attend the conference or prefer to mail or drop off items in advance.

Dropped off or mailed items must be received by 12noon July 13th. 


Here are some ideas of what to donate:

  • Jewelry: Rings, earrings, brooches, and bracelets, etc. (if you didn't know it yet, we love making AND buying jewelry)

  • Gemstones, beads, pearls, cabs, etc.: What do you like to use in your work?

  • Metal: Any type of commonly used metal, patterned texture sheets, steel, or casting shot, etc.

  • Tools: Hammers, stakes, vices, anvils, crucibles, pliers, bending break, polishers, grinders, tumblers, all tools accepted.

  • Books: Jewelry books, art history books, books authored by CoMA members, and manuals

  • Workshop essentials: Stools, Jewelry bench tops, tool caddies, flex shaft parts...

  • Clothing: T-shirts, aprons, hats (the more clever the better)

  • Gift certificates: for workshops, classes, supplies (PLEASE provide a printed certificate and your business card)

  • Educational material: DVDs, CDs, etc. 

  • Miscellaneous: Supplies of any kind

Please email Rocky Riviera at if you have any questions about donating or download the donation form (please use ONE form per item) and send it/drop it off with your item.



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