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Denver International Airport (DEN)



Denver International Airport (DEN) is accepting entries from CoMA Members for an upcoming show featuring several artists working with the idea of recycling materials. As metalsmiths, we are constantly melting down older work into fresh material, using found objects, or repurposing things in new work. CoMA has been invited to share our work in cases at DIA as an organization of individual artists within this broader show that will take over the concourses and various display spaces around the airport. We are very excited to offer this show opportunity to our current members! Sales will not be available through DIA, successful entries to the show will be given the opportunity to share websites and artist information so that a potential customer can find the artist and make a direct purchase.

If you are not currently a member, you can still participate in this show by joining CoMA for 2024 now. Please see the details below on how to submit, a timeline, and criteria for submissions. 

Call for Entry

DEN Arts is gathering participants for an exhibition featuring artists and makers that use recycled, up-cycled, or materials that would otherwise be discarded in creative ways to produce wearable, functional, or artistic items. This may include fashion, jewelry, table wares, sculptures, mosaics, decorative arts, and much more. The sky is the limit!

Criteria for submission

  • More than 50% recycled, up-cycled, or materials that would otherwise be discarded. Recycled metal is acceptable, but must be discussed in the artist's statement.

  • Include a statement about the use of recycled/up-cycled/otherwise discarded materials in your work, and specifically the item(s) submitted for consideration in the exhibition. Write for a general audience that may not be familiar with your style of art, craftsmanship, or materials. 

  • Review DEN Exhibits Policies for suitable materials and curatorial discretion. View or download at the bottom of this page. 

  • Submission DEADLINE: January 29, 2024

Display Information

DEN Exhibitions anticipates dedicating three display cases to CoMA submissions. There may be opportunities for display on larger pedestals, or freestanding with limited security. Subject to change based on submissions and availability of space.  


Please see additional attachments for case dimensions and DEN Exhibition Policies. Your piece must adhere to the DEN Exhibition Policies in order to be considered for jurying. If your work exceeds the case space but still fits with the show requirements and is at least 50% metal then the piece should still be submitted for jurying and consideration as sculpture for some limited spaces DEN will make available to CoMA Members.

How to Submit

Collect your high-quality images of up to three different pieces and write your three accompanying statements for each submitted work. Images should be labeled with your first and last name and a clear numbers sequence (EXAMPLE – JohnSmith1, JohnSmith2, JohnSmith3). Written statements should be submitted in A SINGLE WORD-DOCUMENT and the individual statements should be labeled to correspond with the image name. Submissions will be considered incomplete if both the image and the statement are not present and they sill be excluded from the jurying process.




LATE SUBMISSIONS will not be considered for jurying.

Timeline for the Call

December 1 – CoMA Member’s official Call for Entry release


January 29thDEADLINE to submit work AND your paragraph addressing the “50% recycled, upcycled, or materials that would otherwise be discarded requirement”. Please submit NO MORE than three works of art to be considered (No detail images). Please email your images and paragraph submissions to by January 29th.

Disclaimer: It may be that only one piece gets into the show, two pieces get into the show, all pieces get into the show, or nothing makes it past the jurying process. However, this opportunity is exclusive to CoMA Members, and is free.

February 9th - Jurying will take place with a panel of DEN personnel in their Exhibitions office. Jurying results will be shared on or following February 9th with additional directions for drop off, pick up, and instructions for successful delivery of the work.


Mid-March – DEN will open the show and it will run for four to five months. More information will be made available on these details soon. There will not be a reception because the space is non-traditional and will include many locations across the airport, however, individual artist tours are expected to be offered.


Mid – September – DEN will close the show and pick up dates will be set up.


Printable PDF information sheet for this call

DEN Policies

Display case information


***This call for entry and the included timeline is subject to change***

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