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Creatively Remade: Upcycled Art and Design

Creatively Remade: Upcycled Art and Design showcases art from innovative designers, artists, and organizations who embed sustainable practices in their work using materials destined for the waste bin. From recycled plastics to upcycled textiles, these talented makers are masters of transformation, turning found objects into unique sculptures, seat leather and end bolts of fabric into fashion statements and food wrappers into landscape collages.

Passengers will be able to see how strong the power of imagination and resourcefulness can be and how inspiration can be found in the most unexpected places.


Sustainability is a guiding principle of DEN’s Vision 100 strategic plan and this is just one of many ways DEN is bringing that to life via its robust art program. Travelers are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to explore Creatively Remade, a one-of-a-kind exhibition spread across the DEN campus, and to discover the diverse array of mediums and techniques that are used to redefine materials often considered waste.


Creatively Remade is located in Ansbacher Hall (before A-Bridge security), Concourse B East between gates B60 and B62, on level three of Concourse C, and east and west baggage claim. This exhibition will be on view through October 2024. 

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who applied for inclusion in this show, your work was stunning and though not everything works with the context of the show, all submissions were appreciated by the curation team. CONGRATULATIONS again to our selected artists, we hope you are able to get to DIA between April 29th and Mid-October to view this show and CoMA's included members!

CoMA is proud to have our following members as a part of this exhibition:

Located at Bridge Security:

  • Ira Sherman

  • Jim Cotter

  • Haley Bates

  • Stephie Kate

  • Chapin Diamond

  • Rynn Miller

  • Katherine Ware-Wolniewicz

  • Rocky Riviera

  • Sharon Schaffner

Located on C Concourse overlooking the escalators and the garden, above the McDonald's on the bridge:

  • Debbie Davidson-Stanfill

  • Kimberly Thompson

  • Susan Howard

  • Helene Arendt

  • Ken Schmidt

  • Sharon Schaffner

Located near baggage claim on a stand-alone pedestal:

  • Jim Miller

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