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Business 2024 Membership

This is an excellent option for suppliers, galleries, boutiques, individual artists, etc. A business membership costs $125 and is in effect from January to December. What a deal! 


As a new business member, you will receive the following benefits:


  • A Welcome and Thank you post on the CoMA Facebook and Instagram pages after you join. The post will include your logo, a link to your business website and a short description of your business

  • Your logo/social media links and a brief business description on the “Sponsors” page on our website

  • Your logo/social media links at the bottom of our monthly newsletter.

  • Option to send out three (3) announcements per year to the CoMA email list. You will provide the content (text and image) and CoMA will include the information in a “Special News from Our Sponsors” email that is sent to our newsletter email list. Sponsor announcements are limited to one per month and 3 per calendar year.

  • Your logo printed in the “Sponsors” section of our Annual Conference attendee Welcome Packet.

  • Opportunity to include goods, coupons, flyers, etc in the conference attendee tote bag which is given to Early Bird registrants.

  • Acknowledgement at the Annual members Meeting which takes place during the Annual Conference

  • Increase your company’s exposure to a growing audience of metalsmith artists in Colorado and the West. We currently reach over 850 individuals every month with our newsletter, have over 2,000 Instagram followers, and over 1,700 followers of our Facebook page.

  • The joy of knowing that your support helps CoMA continue to connect and inspire metalsmiths!


We look forward to having you as a member and partner!

Business 2024 Membership

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